RP 4,841,000


  • Model: GK-2509YSI-E1
ADVANTAGES : 1. Powerful yet quiet and energy-efficient -A twin nozzle design combines two air currents into one streamlined, controlled current of air. Resistance to the influence of external airflow has been strengthened, greatly improving insulation against heat and cold. -The aerodynamic technology applied to the Mitsubishi Electric quiet fan ensures large air volume while minimizing noise levels. The high efficiency and long reliability of the fan equals large savings in operation costs. 2. Easy Maintenance The use of axial fan (quiet propeller design) makes the unit easier to maintain. Critical parts such as the motor and fan are separate parts, making repairs easy. 3. Compact design Compact and stylish it blends in readily with your interior design. 4. Adjustable Airflow Angle By adjusting the installation angle of the main unit, the airflow angle can be altered both internally and externally 5. Economic Benefits Not only does the installation of an air curtain help to maintain a constant comfortable indoor temperature, it saves energy too. Install an automatic door to achieve even more economical operation and a more pleasant indoor environment.